Difference Between Red and Green Dot Sights

Have you ever wondered what red and green dot sights mean? Do you know the difference between red and green dot sights? You may have come across them on your weapons during practice or while hunting. Humans have got two types of visions. These are the Rods and cones. The names come as a result of the shape of the receptors. Similarly, on a scope, the red and dot sight represent the two visions.

Rods generally favor sight in the low light while cones favor color. Rods work only through a chemical called Rhodopsin in low light. The compound is less sensitive to the color red, which is why the first photographic film was not responsive to red light. Traditionally, red was aware of maintaining night vision.

Therefore, the color which has the tiniest effect on night vision isn’t the same as the color that will enable you to see at the lowest lighting. Our eyes are more sensitive to Green, meaning a green dot appears 30 times as bright as a red light.

Let’s look at some of the difference between red and green dot sights Power

Various experts carried out experiments to know the best color for night vision. All the colors were tested, and it was discovered that all make the night vision image, and all are accurately noticed.

However, the green color had shades that make up a night vision image accurately distinguished and perceived. This makes the color green the best to suit the night vision, and it can save battery power when used for a long time. The difference is that the green dot sight dominates control over the red dot sight in the night vision in case you plan on using the laser for a long time.


Red color features a very high wavelength making it easier to spot. Meaning that green is not the right choice when you are hunting or moving in various areas. Green is tough to pick out in forested areas compared to the red.

Another difference in the background is that red dot sights can tend to get lost in a sea of tail lights as well as light bars, which are not the case with the Green dot. To experiment this better, just as a minute is 1/60 for an hour, similarly minute of angle (MOA) is1/60 of degree. Therefore, 1 MOA will spread around 1 inch per 100 yards to enable you to make the shooting easy.


The red dot sight comes with a straightforward design that uses a straight-forward reticle. The red dot has a straightforward technique, and it comes with a spherical mirror that will reflect light. This reflector comes with a coating, which is to reflect the red light only. It keeps away any other light from the reticle.

When it comes to the green dot, it keeps advancing now and then because green is accessible in diverse tones. For example, there is the bluish-green, which comes in the range of 480 nm, light green in the field of 500nm, among others. With all the colors, you can choose any that you prefer, and they will come in different ranges that are not familiar with the red Dot.


Visual capacity and uses

There are different types of red dots, and they all have different purposes. Red dots are great for various weapons and arms. They come with plenty of benefits to your guns and can significantly improve your rapid shooting skills. However, the red dot cannot be used by senior shooters since they cannot focus on the red color.

The green color is known to be more merciful on older eyes. The red reticle to some may seem to look like an orange color or an engine of Fire. The green dot is made in such a way that it can easily be used in a medium-range. The angles are perfect when you look through the optic, and once you spot the green dot, you can pull the trigger.


For any product, cost varies from the quality. In case you want to make shorts in the night, infrared illuminators that depend on the moonlight for the range may be what you need. To get those shots, you have to get a red dot, and a new tech integrated laser light pointer, which is expensive.

However, in such a situation or green dot is less expensive and it will give you the best view of the night. The red dot and green dot prices will vary depending on the quality and how you will use the sight.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Between the red and green dots, which is better to use?

A: Choosing the best entirely depends on you, and why are you are going to shoot from. For example, when shooting in a low-light area, a green Dot site would be the best for you to cite the targets best. Similarly, when in daylight and you would like to see clearly a red dot is best to give you perfect shots.

Q: Which is more durable between the red and green dot sights?

A: When it comes to the durability of the two, it will depend on the climate conditions and why are you going to use the sight. Both when used in muddy the harsh conditions, they will both suffered damage. Therefore, the overall durability of the dots is the same.


Scopes will come with many reticles, including a dot. A big dot can cover your target, and a ring to some is hard for Centre. When it comes to the color of the reticle on your weapon, it will depend on what and where the gun is going to be used.

When choosing the right type of dot sight for your weapon, select the essential color. Select one that will help you find a target easily and will suit all of your needs. By now, you know that both dots are right, and it only depends on the kind of shots you will be making.

Although they have many differences, given the conditions, they both get the job done. The best sight will enable you to make the best shots, and you will enjoy your training sessions better than before. We hope this article has provided you with everything you didn’t know about the difference between red and green dot sights.

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